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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a month and a half after being brutally beaten after a giants game in los angeles, brian stow is expected to be moved to a bay area hospital tomorrow. bay to breakers runs through san francisco for the 100th year. so did the changes this year save the race for the future? and hybrid and electric cars are the buzz words in the green movement. but why are some of them just not selling? nbc bay area news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the san francisco giants fan who
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was severely beaten back in march after opening day in los angeles is expected to be moved back to the bay area tomorrow. brian stowe's story has captured headlines around this country. how could a friendly rivalry between two baseball teams turn so violent? and his family says they are grateful to the doctors and supporters in southern california, but they're also very ready to get back home. kimberlier the have i at san francisco general hospital tonight with the latest for us tonight. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this day to come. brian stowe's doctor says while he is still in critical condition, they think he is well enough to be moved here tomorrow which brings him much closer to his home in santa cruz and to his family and friends. coming back to the bay area is a big step for brian stowe. the san francisco giants fan severely beaten outside dodgers stadium on opening day. his return is something his family has been hoping for. >> obviously, peace of mind would be to have brian come back whole. >> a full recovery. that's what we're looking for.
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and it started pretty good this week. i mean he has had a lot of movement. we look at that as positive. and i think it will continue. we hope it does. >> reporter: doctors say while the 42-year-old is still unconscious, his condition has stabilized enough to transfer him from l.a. county usc medical center to san francisco general. today stow's family thanked everyone who has been caring for brian, not just doctors and nurses, but also the people of los angeles. >> so on behalf of her family, we would like to say smu to the community that has embraced bryan and supported him. the people of l.a. have been in our hearts during this six-week journey, and your prayers and support have guided us through. we have made life-long friends. thank you doesn't say enough how much we appreciate you. you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. >> reporter: about a week ago,
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stow, who sustained severe head injuries in the beating was taken out of a medically induced coma. his doctor says he has since shown signs of cognitive function, opening his eyes and moving his arms when family members spoke to him. >> most optimistic is bryan gets better and wakes up. we'll have a long recovery process. we'll have to do a lot of therapy. that's our hope. >> reporter: they are still looking for the men responsible for the attack. the suspects are 18 to 25 years old. >> the challenge to it is that we need that information, that one bit of information that could break the case. >> reporter: police in los angeles are planning a news conference tuesday to reveal progress they have made in the case. an ambulance will transport stow from sfo to san francisco general. he is expected to arrive here about noon tomorrow. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right, kimberly, thank you for the update. if you made it outside today, it certainly did not feel like the middle of may. and it's not over.
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tonight may be the brief calm before the next storm. let's check in with rob maeda with a look at how the storm might affect the commute tomorrow. hello, rob. >> even tonight the showers are not going to comptely shut down, especially for the santa cruz mountains. your highway 17 commute tomorrow morning will include the scattered showers. you can see a fewhu there acros parts of the south bay. east bay hills, we're talking highway may see a few scattered showers and towards marin county across mt. tam. it's the higher hills that will see the showers overnight. but look at all the clouds offshore that is round two that is going to come racing into the bay area. over the next 24 hours, between now and this time tomorrow, we're looking at almost an inch or two of rain for the north bay. very unusual for this time of year. heavy rain at times in those north bayhill tops, and plenty of rain further south. for your morning commute, we're planning on a few showers, mainly in the hilltops. the rain as we head towards the evening commute could slow
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things down. we'll track the next storm system not just for the wind and rain, but more sierra snow on the way in your complete forecast in a few minutes. >> incredible. thank you. the weather didn't seem to slow down tens of thousands of people at the 100th annual bay to breakers race in san francisco today. as always, the race started in the financial district and ended in ocean beach. and as always there were plenty of creative costumes, and a couple of major changes this year. no alcohol and no floats. police say they arrested about 25 people. the majority for public intoxication. authorities also had to remove at least one float. other than, that police say the race was relatively mild. >> it lives up to what it's supposed to be. san francisco is what you think it is. it's crazy. >> i see a giraffe there. >> i've seen surprisingly small amount of nudity today, actually. i've seen one person nude. >> my son counted 11 today, by the way. 55,000 people registered for the event. and this year registered runners
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who crossed the finish line each received a medal marking the 100th run of the bay to breakers. stage one of the amgen tour of california was canceled today pour the first time in the race's six-year history buzz of, are you ready for, this snow. this was highway 58, kings run in south lake tahoe where it snowed much of the day. the first leg of the bike race that was canceled, well, it was supposed to go from heavenly around lake tahoe to north star. should it be an interesting day at squaw tomorrow since the resort will be open for powder tour is d tou r t ais supposed to arst theupre tomorrow morning asell. assuming there are no weather delays, bicyclists will take off from squaw and hd 130 miles to sacramento. from there the race makes its way through the south bay on wednesday, finishing up in southern california next sunday. the chief of the international monetary fund and a top contender to be the next president of france is expected to be charged with sexual
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assault tomorrow in new york. dock unique strauss-kahn is accused of sexual assaulting a maid in new york. he agreed to dna testing requested by prosecutors to obtain evidence in the case. a 32-year-old housekeeper says the 62-year-old strauss-kahn sexual assaulted her when she went into his hotel suite to clean it. police say the maid picked strauss-kahn out of a lineup as well. we are one month away from the constitutional deadline for a california budget. as nbc bay area's kris sanchez reports, the governor plans to present his revised proposal tomorrow as republicans try to come up with solutions of their own. >> reporter: monday, governor jerry brown will present the may revise of his budget. and even with unexpected income tax revenue, the budget he presents will likely have a $14 billion hole. the budget deficit was projected in january to be $26.4 billion. in march the legislature made $8 billion in cuts effective july
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1st. the governor is still asking for a five-year extension on the temporary sales, income and vehicle taxes we already pay now. also in play, $2.5 billion in unexpected income tax revenue. republicans want to balance the budget through cuts alone, while some democratic lawmakers are looking for additional funding, including a 1% income tax hike on people who make a half million or more a year. that proposal by east bay assembly woman nancy skin worry generate $2.3 billion a year, but republicans are not wavering on their no taxes stance. >> it all depends on whether the republicans want to continue to be the party of no, no, no to all kinds of taxes, or whether they would give in on this one in exchange for not giving in on others. it's going to take the same old two-thirds margin any time you want to raise taxes. that's what you need. the democrats are short two votes in the assembly and two in
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the senate. >> reporter: steinberg introduced a bill that would allow local governments to have income taxes of their own and raise taxes on vehicle license fee, and that could raise $14 billion a year. the bill cleared a senate committee just last wednesday, and the clock continues to tick toward that june 15th constitutional deadline for a balanced budget. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. and coming up next, hybrid and electric cars are getting a whole lot of attention with the green movement and high gas prices these days. but you might be surprised about sales figures. and we'll take you to the american south, where experts say an area the size of connecticut will be underwater in the next few days. and around the bay area tonight, we're watching breezy conditions. the calm before the next storm starts to roll on in. you can see scattered showers out there tonight. this, by the way, probably the driest we'll see our weather over the next 24 hours. details on more rain and wind
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coming up.
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major sections of mississippi and louisiana are facing record flooding. a plan is underway to save louisiana's two major cities, but that plan comes with a price. nbc's kurt gregory explains. >> reporter: a torrent of water rushes downstream from the morganza spillway towards the sparsely populated atchafalaya river basin. the spillway opened as part of a plan to divert water away from baton rouge and new orleans to
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save the cities. >> number one, is that public safety is our number one priority. it always has been and always will be. >> reporter: the water will impact as many as eight rural parishes, and could flood out more than 10,000 structures and 25,000 people. >> if you're one of the couple thousand homes that are being flooded, it's difficult to understand why you're being flooded in situations like this. >> reporter: while residents in the flood zone do whatever they can to save their property, prayers were offered today in vicksburg, mississippi, a community battling record-setting flooding, with the mississippi river still rising. >> our neighbors here in town and even more out in the county are facing significant loss. many others being displaced. >> reporter: chris lynn makes his living on the water fishing. even he can't believe what he is seeing. >> the higher the water gets, the more it sinks in. it's depressing, actually. >> reporter: emotion and pain levels rising, along with the
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floodwaters. kurt gregory, nbc news. despite the fact that it seems like every other car in the bay area is a prius, the bay area may be the exception to the rule. there is pretty strong evidence out there that americans just aren't buying into an idea that was supposed to save gas and save the environment. more from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: so you think with gas prices this high that sales of hybrid or electric cars would really get charged up. but think again. so far they make up only 2% of all vehicles sold in the u.s. now we do see that moving up to about 8 to 9% by 2016. but by no means is that going to become the predominant choice for consumers in the car market. just last month, general motors sold only 500 of its plug-in compacts, the chevy volt, while april sales of its gas compact, the cruze, topped 25,000. research by marketing firm j.d. power and associates found a not
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so surprising reason. the sticker price. case in county, chevy's cruze is priced about $16,000. the volt, $41,000. nissan's electric leaf is $33,000, while a decked out gas versa $13,000. of course, tax credits can reduce the price of the alternatives by up to 10 grand. however -- >> until the price of these premium alternative power train vehicles comes down in terms of parity to what you're seeing on dealers' lots and showrooms, we don't see a massive adoption or migration from traditional vehicles to the alternative power train vehicles. >> reporter: but choice and supply could drive down price. 160 models of hybrids and electrics are expected by 2016, compared to the just 30 something available today. chris clackum, nbc news. >> again, that was chris clackum reporting. he didn't mention the most
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popular hybrid, the prius, which starts about $24,000, if you can find one. on to weather now, let's check in with rob maeda. and it was -- it's just been an absolutely crazy month. >> a crazy spring i think. it's tough to get three days of 70 and 80-degree temperatures together in the month of may. we're not going to be seeing that i think even as we go lew this week. right now we still have some scattered showers, 53 degrees in san francisco. kind of dry in san jose. but the winds are starting to pick up out of the southeast. and you will likely see those winds in the santa clara valley tomorrow from 15 to 25 miles per hour out of the southeast as the next weather system is on the approach. 54 right now in oakland and a south wind at 12 miles per hour. so wind one part of the story tomorrow. along the coast and the hilltops, we may see some gusts getting close to 35 miles per hour. now the rain. again, we're not completely shutting off the showers, faucet overnight. for areas around the coastal mountains, the santa cruz mountains, there is enough lift in the atmosphere as more moisture continues to spill on
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in that the mountains are acting like a ski jump, taking the moisture and ringing out showers. same stories across the east bayhill tops towards moraga and the headlands you'll continue to see the showers going overnight. those three areas affected in terms of morning commute, especially on the coastal hills. the widespread rain, though, that is still lurking offshore. you can see all the clouds here. this is the weather system, still getting its act together during the day tomorrow. we're going to start off with mostly cloudy skies. and as we go through the day, you'll see increasing opportunities for rain, especially as we get towards the afternoon and evening commute. so for tomorrow morning, plan on some hit and miss showers. mostly cloudy skies, turning breezy around lunch time. and look at this. the rain already spilling in. so the computer models are starting to speed up this next system. it does look like it's going to impact your evening drive. 4:00 and 5:00, some locally heavy rain across the north bay should get out of here quickly. another system is going to come dropping in as we go into tuesday. ongoing showers into your tuesday forecast as well. and if you're looking for a
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break from the action, which most of russ, it looks like wednesday afternoon we'll finally start to see the skies clear on out. now the amgen tour, tomorrow morning we'll have a brief opportunity of dry weather. but look at all the snow coming back in by tomorrow night through tuesday. a winter storm warn willing be up for the sierra for elevations above 4,000 to 5,000 feet as the snow will likely stick around all the way through wednesday before the second half of the week is when things will start to dry out around the sierra and the bay area as well. tonight lows in the 40s. a few showers will be ongoing overnight around the santa cruz mountains, setting up to the north bayhill tops as well. and tomorrow mostly cloudy, mostly gloomy, depending on how you look at it. 50s and low 60s for highs again. breezy with rain developing now as early as midday. so that has sped up quite a bit from the forecast at 6:00. the system really coming in pretty quickly. you see east bay temperatures mainly near 60. it will be a bit more breezy i think of the system and likely our rain totals which today we had about a quarter inch of rain. this system probably looking at
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a half inch of rain to more than an inch in some north bay locations monday into tuesday. second half of the week looks much better with some 70s. and stay tuned to next weekend. we'll see the we can break this pattern of soggy weekends. >> i just want to see a couple of 80s in there at some point. >> it would be nice. more like spring. >> yes, it would. thanks. nasa is about to make history, plus a couple of big movies made a splash this weekend. you might be surprised by one of them. we'll show you, coming up next. good evening. i'm laurence scott. we go deep inside one of the western conference finals between the sharks and the vancouver canucks. and we catch up with seattle seahawks head coach pete carroll to talk about the brewing harbaugh, and iete and jim harbaugh, and if it will carry over into future 49ers and
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seahawks matchups.
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great conversation.f stay tuned for "sports sunday." it was a big weekend at the movies. >> just taking a little blood. >> how dare you attack the son of odin! >> "author" remains on top. the comedy "bridesmaids" from universal debuted in second
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place. i heard it's very funny. fast five to number three. "priest" came in fourth. and rounding out the top five, e i sawih it wmy children this week," rio." an end of an era is here for
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nasa. we'll also hear from the sharks
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in vancouver, coming up next. preparations are underway for the space shuttle "endeavour's" final launch tomorrow morning. the agency says the electrical problem that grounded the flight two weeks ago is repaired. liftoff is scheduled for 8:56 a.m. in florida. the flight commander is mark kelly. his wife, congresswoman gabby giffords will be at kennedy space center for the launch. this is the second to last launch for nasa's space shuttle program. "atlantis" is scheduled to take flight in july. one more check on the
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weather with the commute. >> the commute looks like we're going to see some light rain moving in. the evening commute will be more impacted by the strongest system we'll see this week. it's tomorrow afternoon into tuesday. rain off and on, more sierra snow. maybe a foot or two coming up as we go into tuesday. >> it never ends. thanks for watching nbc bay area laurencews 11:00. lalaurence scott sits sharks
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slip in vancouver. "sports sunday" is next. . . and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> california's 9900 public schools continue to grapple with tight budgets and ridiculously complicated spending mandates. now more than ever, our schools need the freedom to spend money where it's needed. i'm suzanne shaw. with over 50 different spending
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mandates from county oversight to maintenance, our process of funding and then reimbursing schools is inefficient, ineffective and broken. under governor schwarzenegger we began to deregulate the system and now nbc bay area calls on governor brown and the legislature to make the flexibility in grant spending permanent. assembly bill 18 proposes to do just that, simplify school finance and reduce bureaucracy. california's 43rd in per student spending, and more cuts are coming. we owe it to our kids to do a better job with the money we have. support ab 18 and join our
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debate, good evening and welcome to "sports sunday." i'm laurence scott. we've got a lot of variety for you tonight. hockey play-offs, basketball play-offs, some football talk, plus giants and a's both setting out to face chicago teams today. but we'll start in vancouver, where game 1 of the western conference finals between the sharks and canucks was a battle royale in british columbia. we hear from the sharks in moments. and we also sit down with pete carroll, the san francisco-born, marin-raised head coach of the seattle seahawks. talk about jim harbaugh joining the division with the 49er, diving into what's your deal past. and much more about the niners and seattle battles yet to come. the eastern conference finals of the nba play-offs opening chicago and the heat bull-rushed. taj gibson getting vocal. we get into that in just a bit. but first we break down how


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